Georgie Fenwicke is a woman abroad. Leaving the fine shores of New Zealand and the comfort of full time employment behind her, she is off in search of adventure and new horizons.

For the past three years, Georgie has been working for Deloitte New Zealand’s Management Consulting team. While there, she has worked with some of the country’s largest public and private sector organisations. Specifically, she has been worked on projects in the areas of Supply Chain, Market and Customer Strategy, Market analysis and much more.

She has an in-depth operational and strategic knowledge of industries such as Energy and Resources, Retail/FMCG, Construction, Manufacturing and Insurance.

Prior to that, she was heavily involved in student media in Dunedin where she completed her studies. She was predominantly the Profiles reporter and interviewed people such as BBC Journalist Kate Adie, NZ Prime Minister John Key, the NZ Reserve Bank Governor Dr Alan Bollard and as a point of interest, songstress Florence Welch from Florence and the machine.

Kickstarting this blog again provides an opportunity to continue to learn and get back into some writing on her travels.



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